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Felicia Edelman, Esq.

Felicia, a real estate attorney, is the Executive Director of Uncle Dave’s Housing in Los Angeles. Uncle Dave’s has helped thousands of men get back on their feet by providing them with affordable housing. At the same time, Uncle Dave’s Housing is a successful business that continues to expand.

She has opened more than 10 group homes from sober living to transitional housing to halfway houses. All the documents required for shared housing investments are prepared by her and have been perfected over the years. She has discovered how profitable owning and running a shared housing can be for Landlords.

After opening a few shared living homes she was able to retire from her real estate practice of law. When it comes to making real estate investments profitable in the shared housing realm she is the most experienced and knowledgable in the business.

David Wohlman aka Uncle Dave

Uncle Dave is a drug and alcohol counselor who has mitigated almost every type of situation that could arise with shared housing. He has a giant personality and is passionate about helping people get back on their feet. Uncle Dave knows what it is like to be in need of affordable housing. In 2005 he came out of prison with nowhere to live and only $200.00 in his pocket.

Now he has given safe, clean, and affordable housing to thousands of men in South Los Angeles as a result of growing his shared living properties. He is the person investors turn to every time an issue may arise that they are not sure how to handle. Uncle Dave knows all the tricks needed to run a smooth and profitable shared living business.

Uncle Dave knows how to identify properties appropriate for shared housing.

After identifying a property to buy or lease or already own he can turn it into a money-maker by placing beds in each room allowing for increased rents per room instead of per property.

Once your shared living home is opened you still need to know how to manage the residents and what documents you need to protect yourself and your investments. He knows how to deal with the police, health department, zoning, and code enforcement. Even if a tenant tries to sue you he knows what you need to do to win.

Felicia is the most resourceful person when it comes to promoting your property and marketing it to the right people and places in your community.

She knows how to keep your vacancy rates in the 90 percentile and avoid having to prepare your unit each time a tenant moves out. They will teach you and take you by the hand as you build your profitable shared living investment.

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